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About the Consortium

The Consortium shoulders the financial risk associated with each project, and thereby offers clients a complete solution, including financing, project management, legal, investigative, forensic accounting, and other professional services to allow for the pursuit of legal claims and asset recovery projects.

Throughout the process of working with GARC, the client does not pay the Consortium until a successful monetization of its legal claims occurs or an asset is successfully recovered. However, the client will be involved at an early stage of the project to agree upon a detailed project management and asset recovery plan. The client will then remain fully informed through regular updates from the Consortium.

The interests of the client and the Consortium remain in complete alignment throughout the entirety of a project. Upon successful completion of the project, the Consortium will receive a percentage of any judgement or award received or assets recovered for a claimant.

The success fee typically depends on the specific factors of each engagement, including but not limited to the complexity of the legal claim, the estimated time to monetization, the estimated cost to monetization, and the nature of the assets being pursued.

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GARC Benefits
at a Glance

Increase Revenue without Risk

Nonrecourse funding allows claimants to pursue more legal and financial claims leading to the potential recovery of millions of dollars while foregoing the financial risk associated with litigation and asset recovery, and the burden of paying service providers.

Access to Top Professionals

Claimants gain access to best-in-class service providers, who are members of the Consortium, and Delta’s expertise in managing activities of the Consortium to pursue legal claims and reduce the risk of unsuccessful recoveries.

Free Up Internal Resources

Claimants can devote employees and working capital to core business operations and meaningful capital investments by partnering with GARC for financing new opportunities and project management services.

Pursue Additional Claims

Claimants can now pursue claims they would otherwise forego due to a lack of available funds or comfort with foreign jurisdictions.

GARC Initiatives in India

GARC India offers state-owned enterprises, government agencies, banks, investment funds, and businesses a complete solution to enable them to pursue asset recovery projects and/or litigation having an India nexus.
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GARC Initiatives in China

GARC China offers state-owned enterprises, government agencies, banks, investment funds, and businesses a complete solution to enable them to pursue legal claims and asset recovery projects having a China nexus.
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Working with the Consortium

GARC’s offering is two-fold: litigation financing combined with a fully managed solution that results in claimants being able to pursue additional legal claims, while incurring no additional costs.

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