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Working with the Consortium

The Consortium shoulders the financial risk associated with each project, and thereby offers claimants a complete solution, including financing, project management, legal, investigative, forensic accounting, and other professional services to allow for the pursuit of legal claims and asset recovery projects.

Throughout the process of working with GARC, the claimant does not pay the Consortium until a successful monetization of its legal claims occurs or an asset is successfully recovered. However, the claimant will be involved at an early stage of the project to agree upon a detailed project management and asset recovery plan. The claimant will then remain fully informed through regular updates from the Consortium.

The interests of the claimant and the Consortium remain in complete alignment throughout the entirety of a project. Upon successful completion of the project, the Consortium will receive a percentage of any judgement or award received or assets recovered for a claimant.

The success fee typically depends on the specific factors of each engagement, including but not limited to the complexity of the legal claim, the estimated time to monetization, the estimated cost to monetization, and the nature of the assets being pursued.

Working with the GARC

The Consortium Process

Claim Submission

Claim submission by claimant and initial review of claim by the Consortium to determine whether the Consortium desires to consider the case for review.

Preliminary Due Diligence

If case is accepted for review then the Consortium will conduct preliminary due diligence to determine whether the Consortium desires to submit a proposal.


If the Consortium decides to move forward then it will issue a proposal for consideration by the claimant which spells out the total amount of funding being committed, details the services to be furnished, and indicates the economics or upside that the Consortium would receive if the project is successful.

Due Diligence

If claimant agrees to proposed terms then the Consortium will commence comprehensive due diligence.

Services Agreement

If the confirmatory due diligence is satisfactory to the Consortium then it will draft a definitive funding and services agreement for review and acceptance by the claimant.

Recovery Commencement

If claimant approves the definitive documents then the Consortium will commence work pursuant to a mutually-agreed upon case management and recovery plan prepared by the Consortium.